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Tupelo PRO | Total Body Championships at Total Body Gym

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The Championship

NPC Total Body Championships is a world-class competition created from the floor up with the hard-core athlete in mind.  You work harder, stay longer, torture your muscles, and fuel your body with nutrients while the competition stays home.  Bodybuilders to bikini competitors, your hard work (and hard body) deserves a stage where all that blood, sweat, and energy does not go unnoticed.  You want a stage where mama's boys and cry babies are not welcome.  You want a stage that will give rise to a new breed of Total Body Champions. That stage is our stage; NPC Total Body Championships.

The Competitors

A Total Body Champion is a pure athlete whose willpower is the strongest force within them.  Stronger than the muscles he uses to bench 500 pounds of raw steel, stronger than her quads when she squats twice her body weight.  Athletes who exhibit the willpower of a true champion, the stamina of a wild Mustang, with the grace of a thoroughbred. There are champions among us, but only a few will be TOTAL BODY CHAMPIONS. 

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The NPC Total Body Championships 
will be held on
August 16 & 17, 2024 @ 
Cadence Bank Arena, Tupelo, MS
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All ladies 1st place winners will receive 
SKS Bikini 

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