The Owners

The Owners at Total Body Gym

Gaillards Home

A husband and wife duo, Timmy and Judy Gaillard are the first Mississippians to qualify as professional bodybuilders in over 20 years and are currently Mississippi's 2 of the only 3 IFBB professional bodybuilders. They both are certified MS judges for the National Physique Committee.

They also train other competitors, as well as people interested in more traditional goals of toning up and shedding pounds.

They focus on their own objectives. That includes lifting weights, doing cardiovascular workouts, practicing poses and watching what they eat.

Timmy and Judy met in 1997 while working out at Hollis Gym in Ripley. They started dating in 1999 and were married in 2002. They bought the gym and turned it into Total Body Gym.

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